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The Low Carb Diet

Introduction on low carb diets

For some years now, low carb diets have been the subject of intense debate among those who propose them and those who continue to defend the food style will meditate . The controversy, of course, not only affects the weight loss effectiveness of these diets, but also their repercussions on the health of those who follow them.

Low carb diets – in vogue for a long time in the world of physical culture and also offered in the medical field – are beginning to gain popularity in the early 90s, taking advantage of the decline of low fat diets. The latter, proposed in the United States to cope with the impressive spread of obesity , are based on the consumption of low- fat foods . Although the supermarkets’ shelves were full of “low fat” foods, this strategy not only did not give the desired results, but even helped to accentuate the problem, due to the alleged abuse of general consumption. For this reason, after revaluating the function of lipids in the food industry ( see dedicated article), the attention of many nutritionists or presumed ones moved on carbohydrates (carbs in English), particularly on the simple ones added (high glycemic index ).

Desserts , sugary drinks, pastries, snacks and various snacks were soon considered the main culprits of the increasingly worrying and growing rate of obesity. Today, however, it is known that the main cause of overweight is the combination of excess caloric fat and energy surplus from foods rich in refined carbohydrates (which greatly stimulate the production of insulin ).
As often happens in this and in other fields, someone thought it would be better to end this concept, giving rise to low carb diets (literally “low in carbohydrates”). A bit ‘for the enthusiasm related to the news, a little’ for the skillful advertising campaign, and a little ‘for the undisputable effective weight loss, low carb diets spread rapidly in the US and soon landed in Italy, true and its “idealistic stronghold” of the Mediterranean diet . The debate, started about a decade ago, shows no sign of abating.


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