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Is Bulletproof Coffee Healthy

is bulletproof coffee healthy

Bulletproof coffee is a coffee mixed up with butter and coconut oil. It is a high-quality drink that contains just the right amount of caffeine and fats to start your day. Many people have replaced their breakfast with this type of coffee, because of the its ingredients that will help you lose your weight, but still feel energized and ready for work.

Ingredients in this coffee, low-toxin beans, grass-fed butter and coconut oil should help you maintain your energy, prevent you from feeling hungry, and to improve your mental focus. We have listed some of the most crucial benefits of consuming this drink, and why it should become part of your daily routine.

But, wait, is bulletproof coffee simply coffee with butter?

Slow Release of Caffeine

Because of the butter and coconut oil, this coffee is more like a latte than a regular black, so, it will take a longer time to drink it. Oils and fat need more time to separate themselves in your body, so the release of caffeine will also be slower, instead of the quick one when you drink black coffee.

It Works as a Probiotic

Coffee and fats help your digestive tract to work better. Polyphenol, that is found in the coffee helps reproducing of the “good bacteria” in your stomach, so you will have a faster metabolism. Healthy fats will help your body to activate the fat-burning mechanism. 

Fats are Better Than Milk

For most people, it is common to add some milk to their coffee. If you replace it with butter, ingredients like polyphenol and butyric acid will be absorbed in a better way. For people who are on a keto-diet, Bulletproof coffee is the perfect source of all the fats needed, and that’s the main reason for drinking it instead of getting breakfast. Also, vitamins A, D, E, and K that are necessary for your body (immune system, cardiovascular system, bones etc.), are well absorbed.

Weight Loss

Bulletproof coffee contains just the perfect amount of fats and calories, and consuming it as a replacement for breakfast will help you to not feel hunger at all. Brain Octane Oil is a form of fatty acid and in combination with grass-fed butter your body stays in the fat-burning stadium longer, this makes you feel full for a longer time because there were no protein or carbs involved. Thankfully, these are the main reasons for Bullet Proof coffee to become your breakfast, and the weight loss is guaranteed.


As we said, there are many benefits from this beverage. Bulletproof Coffee is becoming a trend, and that is for a reason. There was a time when we all thought that the fats are bad for us and it was replaced with sugar and chemicals. It turned out to be wrong and came out that sugar is actually the main problem for health problems and obesity. Beside all these health benefits like fat-burning faster, reduced food craving, this coffee gets you to feel more satisfied. The taste is astounding, and all you need is a blender at your home. um Grid 1 Accen

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