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Infestation in the pantry, food-safe rules

Their visits increase between May and June, and do not end until the first colds arrive. Although the domestic warmth sometimes makes them stay quietly even in the fall. We talk about the insects that proliferate in the pantry , and attack food supplies. The analysis of the research carried out on, the site of the leader in disinfestation, shows that in the months of May and June 2018 visits to pages dedicated to food butterflies have increased by 95%. The so-called ‘moths’ or ‘food butterflies’ are small weeds (actually they are different types of insect) that roam in the kitchen and contaminate dry foods – flour, pasta, legumes, rice, biscuits, dried fruit. But also cheeses, ham and sausages, for which we must resort to a targeted anti-infestation strategy. If the infestation hit your pantry, follow these tips.

Infestation in the pantry, how to act

According to the first thing to do to stop the infestation is to inspect and check all the food stored, empty the shelves, throw away everything that is contaminated. It is also necessary to check all the spaces where the insects may have laid their eggs. That is corners and interstices of the pantry, lids of any containers and folds of food packaging still closed.

Proceed to cleaning . Use the vacuum cleaner to remove any residues on shelves and shelves (on both sides) – without forgetting screws, supports, door hinges and door jambs. Then clean each part with hot water and vinegar, adding essential oils – mint, lemongrass, eucalyptus. Dry the shelves and containers well before storing them in the pantry.

It is therefore necessary to move on to conservation . It is preferable to use robust packaging, better if also hermetic. Glass is the best choice, but also rigid plastic containers with hermetic closure are an excellent solution. Finally, attention to waste management : rubbish is one of the main nesting sites of many insects. In the case of an ongoing infestation, this becomes even more important. It is necessary to throw away all contaminated food products and their packaging, without forgetting the vacuum cleaner bag used for cleaning the pantry. Then close the collecting bag well and keep it away from the kitchen until it is finally disposed of.

Finally, food insects are repelled by smells of some plants and spices. Among these, we find for example the bay leaf, the cloves, the lavender, the lemongrass and the orange peel. By placing these items inside the pantry, in small open containers or in transpiring pouches, you will keep insects away.

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