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Do teeth have to be washed before or after meals?

What is the first rule to follow to enjoy optimal oral hygiene? Brush your teeth before and not after meals, including breakfast.

Preferring oral hygiene before eating prevents the remnants of bacteria on the teeth that react to the sugars contained in foods.

According to experts brushing their teeth before meals is essential because the goal is not to eliminate the residues of food, but to eradicate every single bacterium trapped between the teeth and the tongue.

Another advice to follow is to not completely rinse the mouth after daily washing but leave a small amount of toothpaste that allows the fluorine to reinforce the enamel.

Never then, in case of lack of toothbrush, use your finger to rub the toothpaste on the teeth: it is much more congenial to use a usual towel commonly used for the face.

Another trick to follow is to never wash teeth immediately after drinking red wine: more generally it is good not to eat fruit or food composed of sugars for snack, mid-morning or afternoon, because the bacteria feed on producing a large amount of acid in the oral cavity.

In fact, doing so would result in a substantial weakening of the enamel and the reduction of calcium, consequently increasing the production of caries inside the teeth.


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