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Charcoal Toothpaste Benefits

Toothbrush with black charcoal toothpaste with aloe vera

Until a few years ago, charcoal was the thing essential for making a barbeque. After the grill, you would throw it away. Now you can find it in almost anything you can think of. Just turn the product`s package upside down and see for yourself. Thanks to its detoxifying effects, you can find it in cosmetics, supplements, oil, medicaments, even food.

It is a pretty new trend, so not many people are familiar with this. Various studies showed that brushing your teeth with a charcoal paste will make them whiter. After all of this is said, we will try to shine a light on the benefits of using a charcoal toothpaste. We will try and see if this internet phenomenon is real or not.

The Detox Part of Charcoal Toothpastes

Of course, the charcoal toothpaste will free your teeth from food parts and plaque piled up throughout some time. However, that result is not going to be much better than one provided by a regular toothpaste.

Your teeth and gums are not a kidney or liver. They don`t have the detoxifying effect. The concentration of the toxins is not the biggest on your teeth. So, there is no point in looking at charcoal toothpaste from this perspective.

Teeth Whitening

Today, many people have certain habits, which have a bad influence on the color of their teeth. Drinking red wine and coffee, eating food which was colored, and smoking cigarettes are the most usual sources of teeth darkening. The stains that are showing up because of these reasons can easily be erased with a regular toothpaste.

Sometimes these stains can come from unexpected sources such as trauma, medications or enamel overuse. That is when the real struggle begins. No matter how much you are trying to whiten your teeth, the best result can only come as a result of bleaching treatments. Those treatments are infiltrating the surface of your teeth in clean them from inside.

Benefits of Using Charcoal Toothpaste

Because of charcoal`s nature, people found a good use for it when they decided to use it for teeth whitening. It sounds ironic to make your teeth black in order to make them whiter than ever before. We are going to name some benefits you can experience after you start using charcoal toothpaste.

You Can See the Results Immediately

The result of charcoal toothpaste you can see almost instantly. Not only that, they are pretty long-lasting. If you continue to use charcoal paste every day, the effects are going to last longer.

Cleaner Teeth and Gums

After you start using charcoal toothpaste, the pH balance in your mouth will change. The spots and stains will disappear from the surface of your teeth. It is proved that some kinds of toothpaste, available on the market, are reducing the level of bacteria in your mouth by 90%.

Removing the Smoking and Aging Effects

Years of smoking and drinking can impact your teeth very much. Of course, as older we get, our gums and teeth are not as healthy are they used to be. Therefore, some of the dental health issues could emerge. Teeth whitening will eliminate those impacts and give you a healthier and prettier smile.

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